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Concept Neon is BC's Neon Prop House. Supporting the Film industry for over 30 years


Big or small, your place or ours, let us get the glow back in your life.


We work with Home Owners, Collectors, Artists and Sign Manufactures. Let Us work with you!

Neon Lights,
Camera & Action

Lighting Up the Silver Screen:

For over three decades, Concept Neon has been the go-to choice for lighting solutions in Vancouver's bustling film industry. Specializing in neon creations that add a touch of magic to movie sets, Concept Neon has carved out a niche as a trusted partner for filmmakers seeking quality and reliability.

Vancouver's top neon rental

Vancouver Film Industry's Top Choice for Neon Rentals, Props, Designs, Repair and Installation!

Vancouver neon rental for film

Northern Lights

This restoration project undertaken by Concept Neon, showcases their dedication to preserving cultural heritage and celebrating the stories that shape our communities.

This iconic sign now revived, stands as a luminous beacon in the Yukon's cultural landscape, symbolizing the rich history and significance of the region.

The Concept Neon Team acknowledges and expresses gratitude to the Yukon Film Society for their dedication to local  heritage, their hard work and collaboration in making this revival possible.


Vancouver Neon Concept Neon

Radiant Echoes

Collaborating with exceptional Canadian artists is both a passion and a privilege.

Embracing the diverse and visionary talents that grace our nation, we take pride in working alongside artists like Paul Wong, whose creative endeavors inspire us.

Concept Neon remains devoted to illuminating not only the neon signs but also the narratives and perspectives that make our collaborations with Canadian artists truly exceptional.

Vancouver Neon Concept Neon
custom vancouver neon sign rental
Vancouver Neon Rentals Vancouver

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its inception, Concept Neon has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in neon lighting. From iconic neon signs that define cityscapes to custom creations that set the mood on film sets, their commitment to quality craftsmanship shines through in every project they undertake.

Trusted by Filmmakers

In an industry where every detail matters, Concept Neon stands out for its impeccable service and dedication to meeting the unique demands of film production. Their team of experts works closely with filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life, ensuring that every neon creation enhances the storytelling experience on screen.

Enhancing Film Sets

Whether it's a retro diner scene, a futuristic cityscape, or a moody noir setting, Concept Neon's creations have graced countless film sets, adding ambiance and authenticity to each scene. Their attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of any era or genre make them an invaluable asset to filmmakers across British Columbia.

Beyond Neon: Support

Concept Neon doesn't just provide exceptional neon lighting—they offer comprehensive support throughout the production process. From initial concept design to installation and maintenance, their team is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for every client.

Keep It Rolling

As Concept Neon continues to innovate and expand its offerings, they remain steadfast in their commitment to supporting the vibrant BC film industry.

Whether you're a filmmaker searching for the perfect lighting solution or simply a fan of movie magic, Concept Neon invites you to discover the difference their neon rentals and services can make.

Join us as we change to better serve you and celebrate decades of excellence in lighting up the silver screen.

Doors Open
7:30 am Weekdays

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Frequently Asked Questions

the Art

Why is Real Neon
better than LED
Neon for Film?

In the world of filmmaking, the authenticity and quality of props can make or break a scene.

While LED look-alike neon lights have gained popularity due to their energy efficiency and durability, real neon props from Concept Neon offer a unique set of advantages that can elevate a production to new heights.


How do
Neon Signs

The enchanting glow of neon signs is a result of the fascinating interplay between electricity and noble gases.

This blend of science and artistry has made neon signs a timeless and iconic form of illumination.

Whether you're strolling through a city's bustling nightlife or setting the mood at an event, the science behind the glow ensures that neon signs continue to captivate and charm us with their radiant light.

How do I Bring My Neon
Dream to Life? 

 Whether you're looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your business, create a memorable event backdrop, or bring a personal vision to life, custom Concept Neon, neon signs offer endless possibilities.

Here’s how Concept Neon can help you transform your ideas into glowing works of art...

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