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Over 30 Years as the Top Neon Rental Source 
for Vancouver's Vibrant Film Industry

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neon signage and prop rental vancouver

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Take a moment to scroll through our extensive catalogue and discover the wide variety of neon rentals available. Whether you're working on a period piece, a contemporary film, or a fantasy project, our collection has the perfect neon sign to bring your vision to life. Browse through the different categories, explore the detailed descriptions and photos, and find the ideal neon sign that fits your project, set or event needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What are some Tips when Renting Neon Props and Signs"

Concept Neon's signs can add a vibrant, eye-catching element to any event, making them a popular choice for film, weddings, corporate gatherings, parties, and more...

Before you dive into renting a neon sign, here’s what you need to know to ensure you get the perfect glow for your occasion.


Vancouver Neon Signs

Neon Sign Rental 101

Determine Your Needs
Before renting, consider the purpose of the neon sign. Are you looking to highlight a specific message, create a photo-worthy backdrop, or set a particular mood? Knowing your goals will help you choose the right design and size.

Choose the Right Design
Neon signs come in various designs, from classic words and phrases to custom logos and shapes. Browse through Concept Neon's catalog or discuss your ideas with them to find or create a design that complements your event's theme and decor.

Measure Your Space
Measure the area where you plan to display the neon sign. Knowing the dimensions will help you select a sign that fits perfectly and enhances your event's aesthetics without overwhelming the space.

Check Availability
Popular neon sign designs may be in high demand, especially during peak event seasons. Contact Concept Neon well in advance to check the availability of your desired sign and secure your booking.

Understand Installation Requirements
Neon signs may require specific installation setups, including secure mounting and access to power sources. Clarify with Concept Neon if they provide installation services or if you need to make arrangements yourself. Ensure the venue can accommodate these requirements.

Budget Wisely
Rental prices for neon signs can vary based on size, design complexity, and rental duration. Discuss your budget with Concept Neon and inquire about any additional costs, such as delivery, installation, and insurance, to avoid surprises.

Review Rental Terms
Read the rental agreement carefully. Pay attention to the terms and conditions, including the rental period, return policy, and liability for damages. Understanding these details will help you avoid any potential issues.

Consider the Environment
Neon signs are generally durable, but they can be sensitive to extreme weather conditions. If your event is outdoors, check with Concept Neon about the sign's suitability for outdoor use and any protective measures you might need.

Plan for Maintenance
Neon signs may require some maintenance during your event, such as checking connections and ensuring the sign remains secure. Have a plan in place for regular checks to keep your sign glowing brightly throughout your event.


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