Client Care

"If you want to give light to others you must glow yourself"

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"We will never know if we did too much, but it will be evident if we didn't do enough!"

We, like  our clients  believe in a safe work place for its employees and clients.

Due to the additional hazards that COVID 19 pose, we limit the numbers of persons in our shop as well as practicing social distancing, masking and proper personal hygiene.

"Put down the knife and step away from that zap-strapped cord!"

Unfortunately we have noticed an increase in damage costs occurred during neon rentals due to knives cutting the power cord insulation when removing zap straps used to shorten cords on site.

Once this insulation is penetrated we are unable to rent this unit again until the transformer is replaced .

"Money is not everything, there is always Visa and Mastercard"

Visa, Mastercard, and Cash Accepted